Observatory against LGBTI-phobia of A Coruña

Observatorio Coruñés contra a LGTBIfobia

This project of A.L.A.S. A Coruña aims to record the aggressions that happen in our region, to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of reporting attacks and/or aggressions motivated by LGBTI-phobia, and to offer primary care to the victims. In addition, a mediation service is offered between the victim and the administration to achieve a city where all citizens will be equal in rights and there will be no discrimination.

We have a team of volunteer activists with experience in assisting victims and counselling in LGBTIphobic aggressions.

The Observatory itself offers training under the heading of affective-sexual diversity and real equality to public administrations, educational centres, state security forces, and to the civil society as a whole. We have experience in:

  • Equality policies
  • Sexual-affective diversity
  • Gender identity and expression
  • Bullying
  • LGBTI hate crimes
  • HIV and serophobia
  • Culture and history of the LGBTI movement

A.L.A.S. A Coruña

ALAS Coruña

We are a group of people united by the affective-sexual and gender freedom movement in a society in which discrimination against the LGBTI community is still present in many fields.

From A.L.A.S. we carry out an active participation to fight against the stereotypes and prejudices that feed the LGBTIphobic attitudes and, at the same time, we aim to achieve a total inclusion of the collective in the society in which we live.

Through our participation we seek real equality for LGBTI people in all areas: healthcare, sports, education, family... As well as the provision of help and guidance to any problem related to affective-sexual and gender issues.